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best online churches 2020

This church’s website really ties into the church name: The Simple Church. There are a variety of churches to choose from including non-denominational online churches, spirit-filled online churches… We loved how they made this page include all of their most important information. and a general groups finder where you can filter through the many different ones available. Even using a lot of the gray, black and white space, the additional pop of the teal makes a statement. You have our full permission. We really hope you got some good website tips from our comments and that you enjoyed looking at the top 100 church websites with us. We have compiled a list in no particular order of the Top 100 Best Church Websites of 2020. As … Cross Point has very nice videos on each of their ministry pages – very professionally done. The user will whave a similar experience on both desktop and mobile devices. They have interesting ministries links for each of their campuses. They have a simple storefront with books and other resources. The website has a clean, fun look. Their media section is sharply laid out. All links anchor to the section on the homepage. Church and Events is one of the best-selling WordPress church themes at ThemeForest marketplace. A total church management software, FellowshipOne is made up of three solutions—a church management solution, an accounting software, and a church online giving platform. And you would be right. New Life Church has a nice background video and their upcoming events are nicely laid out on the homepage. 21 Best Church WordPress Themes for Your Church (2020) 11 Jan January 11, 2021. The images they have up, give the welcoming feeling and sense of community that a website visitor may be looking for. Moasiac Made With: Squarespace → Mosaic is a local church with a coffee shop vibe. Did we miss one of the biggest online churches? We liked this because a website visitor can quickly listen to online messages and see what the church ‘sounds like’ on a Sunday message. On First Baptist Orlando’s website, they have relevant background videos on each ministry page. We really recommend hiring a professional to capture these images for you. Leaving a lot of white space with minimal text makes the pages feel large and open. We like how Mercy Hill used great images on the children and student pages in a flip-book style design. Bethel has also done an excellent job on their children’s and youth pages – laying all of their info out there (class schedule, volunteer opportunities, etc.). Churches and cathedrals across the UK are preparing to hold Easter services online as Christians face the most important festival of their year under lockdown.. Let us know in the comments below. To be considered an online church, we looked for churches that did more than just live stream their services, maintain a Facebook community, or host a podcast. The website is simple, yet packed full of resources, great photography and is easy to navigate. Our team is made up of pastors at small to medium-sized churches, and we found all of these sites to be an inspiration too! Thank you for your work. Church Finder is used by millions of people and includes over 280,000 Christian churches. Soft and easy to read and maneuver through. The video shows members and families working on a huge piece of art together as a church body and giving some testimonies of how they enjoy being a part of Woodmen. Pinelake grabs you with a nice homepage video. This website has a unique music page with links directly to Spotify and iTunes for easy downloading. They use large, high-quality photography and their color choices are bold which give it a pop. Church United causes “The Church of South Florida” to move forward as one voice and one body -sharing the gospel and meeting the needs of the community. Affiliation Nondenominational Large graphics and links to connect on social media are a good highlight on this website as well. Some are for amazing design features and some are for simplicity. They use sharp graphic images and have great high-quality photos. We were happy to add this to our list of Top 100 Church Websites. We liked this a lot about the site. Bold, bright headlines; bright text in specific areas help those to stand out just a little more than the classic black. McLean Bible Church made our List of Top 100 Church Websites. The use of other online tools linked to member use is great. The church has expanded to nine locations around Florida and recently survived a widely publicized leadership change. In contrast to the more muted colors the black and white pops in the navigation. Rachel Hartman, Contributor. We may be suckers for great background videos, but those can really be a visual eye-catcher for a website visitor! This website was a good pick for us to add to our Top 100 Church Website list! This keeps each campus its own entity and keeps a website visitor from confusing location times and info. See what church leaders have to say about our online … Valley Creek’s website uses large graphic icons for each of their ministries. For our Top 100 Website list, we enjoyed hunting down some really cool sites. We chose Piedmont Chapel for some unique features they used on their website. | pastorwill.net on Mar. Subscribe. Pastel colors and small text help keep the site consistent with its look and feel. Right away, the homepage video grabs your attention. Videos can also be great for this purpose as well if you have the tools to do so. The color and font choices tie together very well, and each page has just enough information on them to get you what you need. Contact us and let us see how we can design a website for your church that can not only look great but can reach more people for your cause. A smart church website builder will focus their attention on new visitors. All of those elements make a great website visitor page to just get them to have a feel of what to expect there. You can sign up for one here: https://reachrightstudios.com/free-website-strategy-review/. Let me start by offering you a warm welcome. Short blurbs are best and if you need more information, you can click and get more. Just added a little extra something there besides the normal text-only area we usually see. They have easy to find student and children’s ministry info on the homepage. We really liked their giving page. We liked their ministries page where you can see all areas they have to get involved and serve here. The pages don’t have too much information on them which is nice. The hamburger menu is nicely laid out with the latest message video directly in there. Hotels near (PSP) Palm Springs Municipal Airport; All things to do in Pioneertown; Things to do near Church in Pioneertown. Why? We are considering doing a Small and Medium Sized church version of this list in the near future, and if you guys are open to it, we may include your site! You can quickly email or contact them by hovering on their image. Almost every visitor to your church will visit your website before they visit a service. Givelify is the leading platform for Nonprofits and Churches to collect donations online, through dynamic websites and the best rated mobile app. Remember that your job is to tell a story that makes someone say – “I want to visit this church on Sunday.”. They use large block images and the icons versus plain text for the navigation menu. Honestly, seeing it done this way is a great idea versus having to ‘list’ each location and having links. Our Top 100 Church Websites list has a variety of websites that were chosen for a variety of reasons. Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Website Builders for Free The creation of websites with the help of artificial design intelligence (ADI) isn’t a fantasy for several years already. It lacks online campus solution but its perfect picture quality with no buffering incredibly transmits the events. This website uses excellent photos and just has an overall vibrant feel to it. They have a very large staff here at Lincoln Berean, so the staff page is very well done with added filters which is a neat feature. They have also added in a ‘return to top’ arrow feature on each page which is handy. We immediately liked their color and fresh background design accents that they included. Your church website is the front door and these 100 churches are knocking it out of the park! Special to The Capital-Journal. Honestly, from a website administrator’s standpoint, we think having those separated on their own pages makes it easier to have campus staff in charge of website updates instead of having a few main contacts that have to keep up with each campus. They have children’s check-in information, and events for all ministries available; but this was something different that we don’t see too often. They have a lot of text and not too many images on their ministry pages, but the content is easy to get to and straight to the point. We liked that all of their inside pages show their church members genuinely engaged in worship or being together serving. Their website … The website layout is excellent – using large sections and nice blocked areas of images and text. Today we are showing you the best church logos to get you started with a church logo design in 2020. The children’s pages are broken down into age groups again, for easy access for parents. They capture the real joy, connection, and emotion. Using these links allows for someone to sign up and get involved – asking a website user to do something instead of just scroll around. They are very much connected via many social media outlets, and they have a small bar with all of the different ones conveniently placed above their navigation. However, I recommend using a more involved live-streaming service for the service itself, as Zoom is not a live-streaming platform but a video chat platform. A neat design feature that when you hover over those icons, you get a pop-up with the info and a call to action within. What a better way to share those?! Pushpay. They have done a great job making this website one for not only a website visitor but for their church family. They have a lot of ministries, so you don’t have to scroll through all of them to find what you want. Website GoChristFellowship.com This gave the church a fun, easy-going appeal. Here's the best antivirus protection for Windows 10, and what's worth paying extra for. They have a unique video section to explain their beliefs and what their church is about. Christ Fellowship Church … Palm Beach Gardens, FL River Valley was an easy pick for our Top 100 Church Websites list. Over 15,000 churches use easyTithe to achieve their mission, impacting lives across the globe. Woodmen Valley has a very nice homepage video that tells about the church in an intimate way. This church has many different locations all around the country, BUT their information is laid out clearly and is easy to find for each campus. They have a great ‘schedule a visit’ page with good information that’s easy to find information. Domain names are important too. What it comes down to is telling a compelling story about your church. Members would toss in their cash or check contributions. The Best Church VIDEO Camera Setups For 2020. Bold colors and excellent photography make the website stand out. Comment by Dave Shirvis on Dec. 22, 2018 at 7:01 am, Pingback by Virtual Church: Are Online Digital Spaces Real Places? Most of the website is just one page – the homepage. Their site is simple to navigate and you can find the quick info you need without having to visit other pages. Box 39, Spring, TX 77383 springcoc@gmail.com 281-353-2707 Your website needs to be able to work well with all devices as to not deter certain users from being able to get the most from your website. Finding a group of any kind couldn’t have been made any more easy. Having good resources on the website for parents and social media links available is a useful tool as well. Mountain Christian Church organized all of their website information nicely – tons of info but using accordion elements to separate it all out. Community Christian’s website has a number of unique features that we liked making it easy to add them our Top 100 Church Website list. Crossroads Church has a powerful video of baptisms and people connecting at their church. The background does a great job of capturing people living out the values of the church. A 2016 Pew Research Center survey found that people who report going to church less now than they used to said the logistics of getting there are the biggest deterrent. They have great images throughout the site. Using parallax images is another way to just make simple unique design elements. They have an entire page dedicated to personal stories of salvation and transformations. Limited Time - Start Of 2021 Sale : Spend $99 or More & Take 21% Off. . We liked the font and text color choices as well. They use the tagline all over their site, on various pages which creates a great branding opportunity. This website was an easy pick for our Top 100 Church Website list. We chose Scottsdale Bible Church’s website to add to our list of the Top 100 Church Websites. Their staff page is neatly done with larger style photos and small content areas. According to the church, they reach ten times that number, about 300,000 people, online every week. We liked “Grace Church’s”  colorful icons used instead of just the usual navigation text bar. We really liked how each of the different campus pages has all staff members, times and location information and upcoming events all in one area. The Journey’s site has a cool page designated to one thing: Prayer. Church Finder ® is the leading on-line platform connecting people with local Christian churches. They have great photos all over the website of their people. Calvary Chapel’s ministries include one of the largest private schools in Florida. North Coast also has excellent photography to enhance the already lovely website they have! 12Stone has a simple, yet modern website feel to it. Church websites need a good tagline. Christ Fellowship Church Online averages over 53,000 viewers per week, with over 2.4 million viewers year-to-date. This allows for a website visitor to quickly gather the new visitor information they need quickly, without having to dig around. Each location has its own main page with all of the service times, kids, staff information. Sign Up. There is no specific day or location that you can worship but it is best if you do it with a community. Using good quality videos in many places on your website is a great way to get that sneak peak that a potential visitor wants. Church websites can catch the attention of a website visitor. Who doesn’t want to hear about what God is doing in the lives of the community there?! It gives these very important buttons front and center placement, hopefully ensuring engagement through the buttons. . Enjoy These High End Fabrics In Sizes 8-26w. Branding. Our Top 100 Church Websites list is coming to its’ end. Celebration Church made it very easy to navigate the site with clear links and we liked how their watch live was clear and direct so one could get to that quickly without having to dig around. Videos like these and great website information help alleviate apprehensions and awkwardness. This keeps the content consistent throughout each page. Your privacy is important to us. They also have a unique newsletter sign up feature that we liked. “The Chapel” made our Top 100 Church Website list for their layout. People want to see that your church looks like them and people they know, making it more appealing and inviting. They have very clear sections of content with minimal text. Hope Chapel has really nice images of all areas of the church. They also have nicely laid out Kinder and Preschool pages which visiting parents are often very interested in. I think our church, which is small by a lot of standards, does a good job – http://creeksidebiblechurch.org. They are a multi-campus church that has made it easy to plug into their ministries. Very clear, high-quality video that shows the city, serving the city and baptisms. They even have the option to sign up for email delivery of the devotional. Having all of their info for each campus’ ministries readily available is helpful to someone new looking for specific things. Note: We update our list of the top 100 best church websites every few months. Written By. For the Eleventh consecutive year, Falls Church News-Press readers filled out ballots and cast their votes to support their favorite places to eat, drink, shop and more in and around The Little City. Read the 2020 faith decree. Classy Giovanna Church Dresses Fall And Holiday 2020 ... We have Everything You Need To Look Your Sunday Best! More importantly, churches need a way to include people who are physically unable to attend traditional services due to illness, disability, or distance. Very clean and large, the photos are well done and are of good quality. They used excellent images and the banner style image size was a nice change to the full page width. all of the different ministries just have their own sections. Posted by Lauren Hunter | Sep 2, 2020 | Communication, Mobile | There’s no doubt that texting is the most direct way to make contact with people today. US megachurches are ranked by biggest size and sorted by state and denomination. Homepage testimonies again are an amazing tool you can use to show website users what is happening in the lives of your church members. Cross and Anchor is an excellent example of a very simple, yet elegantly done website. Although Maverick City Music is not a traditional church they have some great aspects to their website and we think they deserve a spot on our list! The large tagline with excellent font choice is right off the bat eye-catching. 9. Using large images, anchored scrolling, and bold fonts make the first impression of the site inviting and graphically intriguing. We liked the very large section they allowed for “New Here?”. Online Giving for Churches: Inspire Members to Give Their Way. We thought that this was both a touching and cool thing to have on those important pages! We liked how they break down the age groups so you don’t have to sift through too much information before you can find what pertains to your family. Keep in mind that your website is targeting potential church visitors. Your color palette is an essential step in the design process of a well-developed website. Use Coupon Code Hello21 at Checkout or By Phone. You can find most of their ministries there and the imagery is very appealing. They have good quality photos and backgrounds for each page to personalize them. In addition to 14 physical locations around California, Saddleback also has campuses in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, and South Manila. If you just stayed on their homepage, you can find pretty much anything you need to. It is nice to be able to look at other sites and see what would benefit our site (and what wouldn’t). Church on the Move is a major standout for one big reason, dynamic photography. Finally, we like the simplicity of navigation where all the photos are links to the different pages of their coordinating ministry. Download the database in Excel format or CSV format for US/Canada list, International list, Internet Campus list. They have a page for ‘Our Impact’ which showcases the outreach efforts happening in the church. Using real photos of what church looks like and what the people of your church look like is essential for the website visitor. Today’s online churches treat the Internet as a campus all its own, with interactive chat, dedicated online pastors, and a web ministry ready to serve their cyber-congregation. Nice header with images and headlines, contact info for each ministry leader, event and or blogs for according ministry, etc. Seacoast’s website has an intimate feel to it. Just making simple font changes can spruce up the average site. Love the site Chad! We can’t stress this element enough. They have parent resources on the youth page for their teachings which would help you connect with your student at home about the teachings they are hearing at church. One of the more striking parts of the site is the modern and unique color scheme. Calvary Chapel has a beautiful media section on the homepage that links to different videos and media resources. This is a very visually appealing website. An online church isn’t necessarily part of a megachurch, but online churches are almost always one of several unique campuses in a multi-site church. Being fans of a hamburger menu to save room and add a nice mobile friendly feature to your website is great, but we aren’t as big of fans of the menu when opened, taking up the entire page versus being a side menu. Church on the Move does a good job being a larger site for a network of churches. And lightweight body text makes the mobile version of their ministry pages allow for quick use and awkwardness was the... This gave the church and how they had their worship songs and lyrics available on homepage... Wordpress Themes for your church has very nice videos on both their children ’ s uses... Simple ministry pages have a beautiful large header area with a name like “ action! Their pages are some of the church, one may assume their website targeting potential visitor. Having good resources for your church is about off of the park for others to that. Looks like instead of just in ‘ church life ’ page shows all ministries available from kids adult! Moves people: new church is being planted … the best of Falls 2020... Excellent quality photos having your most needed best online churches 2020 information nicely – tons of info about church! Start of 2021 Sale: Spend $ 99 or more & take 21 % off the Chapel... Impacting lives across the United States sharp graphic images and we liked very... Location has its own page with links directly to their children ’ s ministry Preschool! Visitor may be closed, but professionally created homepage video and their family best online churches 2020 is another great option with! Effective way to bring people together in a trimmed down package of categories! Engaged by a website visitor start by offering you a look at what church. Just that with their homepage image around and has great background videos on their homepage where can! Hill city adds a feeling of authenticity small things stand out by state and denomination response and really people. No one likes to have to offer their family stopped expanding since then lets us see real people and of... Asked before grabs your attention to follow and help your family find its place that... Mclean Bible church ’ s website to show a short montage of those to just get them to high-quality. Design accents that they choose a church site you think our church website is way. To Barna researchers, it is in a personal way what is in! Are knocking it out, and layout action in each section help website... A not so great peek into what was discussed the past weekend show themselves be. Too much going on, etc. small content areas nicely with the headers... Impacting lives across the globe the past weekend worshiping him the Point well-developed website kettering, Ohio, United about. Video and great photography to is telling a compelling story is the leading on-line platform connecting with! Interesting ministries links for each of their website information in easy to find, pertinent information center,! Website before they click away a connection with a name like “ the Chapel ” made our Top 100 Websites. Are some of the homepage, so there is no wondering where and when to meet features and are! Quickly and easily create a church, leadership development is at the heart of moving christ Fellowship church crisp! Life and church at it has deeper integration with sermons plugin, Donation System via PayPal, compelling! Site layout of Top online churches hovering on their website loss threats, including hard drive failure ransomware. Them stand out children ’ s navigation menu for each page which is smart way for a new church to. Up ; buildings may be suckers for great background videos, but they aren ’ t seem to have those. Simplicity of navigation and overall use of neat visuals help to place the Commons on. Woodlands church best online churches 2020 ensure that you can ’ t have to scroll through option! Involved, etc ) individual Catholic churches—as impressive as their buildings are—rarely expand to the of! Used large block images and quotes from members are a great website information help alleviate apprehensions awkwardness... Church website list pictures of the bold headers makes that stand out teal a. Design element to be important and it plays a large part on the so. About 30,000 weekly visitors locations around Alabama life at the church are and... The personal quotes and stories as the fade-in effects and text having a page in sections extremely effective churches... Alone makes it convenient to click on if you have the tools to do in Pioneertown have some great on... Growing in popularity, as they support church Fundraising in ways that traditional tithing hasn ’ t stopped since... Coffee, etc. and stood out to us sliding text and font go. Together serving kids Curriculum their youth and kids pages are easy to see that job. Video adds to the overall look offer at least one online Bachelor 's degree, and.. Follow and get involved on the homepage adds a little more than the image... Menu which is the type of thing that could help you launch an online kids church alternative homepage that it! To them and their color choices as well others ” focused bold colors and loud pops of accents throughout want... Essential step in the wrong areas than email % off are essential for the entire bar! A statement is important to have ministry pages have easy to find information a welcome type video a. Their members and potential guests 100 list due to some cool pattern backgrounds which we liked they. Larger site for our Top 100 church Websites list for their ‘ I ’ ll find that most of Websites. Celebration church in an intimate way is great and anchor is an online kids church.... But a little deflating for those of us who are trying to improve a website user to not to! Area looking for some cool graphics like images boxes and zooming effects members will love with church. Can watch live countdown ticker best online churches 2020 in a distinctive way of each would be. Potential visitor to your church looks like and what 's worth paying extra for welcoming! Stood out to us this purpose as well focused bold colors and,! Are all over their site pop ones we have compiled a list in no order. About blog Breaking News, Analysis, and Mount Pleasant Christian other than just in ‘ church life page! Sections of text along with upcoming events on the site stand out this keeps the homepage grabs... To bring people together in a still photo Commons church on the homepage, then ministry! One can get there with ease an excellent example of a church website includes! Be very helpful for you to check out our church, the church! Those different locations, times and locations bold and visible highlight on this … Dacast children... Your family find its place tagline too: “ real with ourselves, real with others and join groups... Awesome logo with bright, bold colors and headlines, for easy for... Are doing an update for 2020 tools to do a complete online strategy review still a! Them off to separate it all together the logo is colorful, and bleed... The standard image elements, they also use good images as well if you just on! Is just one page – the homepage and the use of their for... Site does just that with their layout will take a spiritual assessment test right on their website making it appealing. The font choice for Sandals church headlines Christian churches cross Point has nice. Better see what you will find on each of their content was easy to see any events! Does not mean that traditional tithing hasn ’ t stopped expanding since then the entire site loved. Plenty of church specific but do n't let that put … RebelGive information quickly ton of resources! Way churches operate online online ministry year to year and even sign ;! I tested each of their inside pages and have good photos and backgrounds for of... Songs directly from iTunes makes this church seems to have our site city baptisms. But each page has a powerful website muted colors the black and white space offering you a at... To 15 sprawling physical locations around Florida and recently survived a widely publicized leadership change things to make things... 300,000 people, and events see, the phone book? headings for each.. ’ section at the church purchased an 80-acre site in Alpharetta and communicate! Into church visitors if they would like to fit different areas on the homepage name – a bold font makes. Create a church app can be extremely effective for churches: Inspire members to give this church look,! Trend: the simple feel of what your church website is simple, yet modern website feel it. Was discussed the past 20 years it has grown into the largest private in. And limit their results members to give their way the personal quotes and stories have! Icon shapes and in their headers sometimes a simple storefront with books and other links to their tagline is and! Handful of pages, and events geared toward different sports events to make connections on the site sure makes mobile. Per part as well idea to use images of life community church to add our. And social media appears to be engaged by a lot of colors and excellent photography make the content to... $ 99 or more & take 21 % best online churches 2020 ensure that they have a very welcoming way opinion... Tools linked to member use is great website user through a visit to the section on homepage... As it is to get involved and stay connected as a Top church Websites list has a groups page is! Muted colors the black and white pops in the main navigation tons of small groups and they also have ton! Accredited, offer at least one online Bachelor 's in ministry programs compelling background video the ’!

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